Is cryptocurrency really the equivalent of soft life?

Many of us must have heard the following terms; crypto, bitcoin, ethereum or seen pictures of
price charts with wavy lines rising or falling. Some of us have listened to our friends talk about
their “coins” and we are left puzzled because nobody uses coins anymore. A large percentage of
us have sat our friends down and made them explain to us what exactly cryptocurrency is about
because we keep mistaking them for yahoo boys. Best believe cryptocurrency is far from fraud.
We all live in a digital world and this world in some ways has proven to be better than the real one
we exist in. This world enables us to work from home, attend meetings in our pyjamas and so on.
Money is not excluded from this digitality and it is the most amazing part of this world.
What is digital money? Digital money is similar to traditional money. The major difference
between them is the absence of physical form. Therefore, digital money is any money stored,
managed and used in economic exchange over a computer network. The only way to access this
money is through a mobile phone or computer. Digital money comes in different forms and they
include; virtual currency, central bank digital currency and the popular one which is of interest to
us, cryptocurrency.
As earlier stated, cryptocurrency is a type of digital money that is decentralized. This simply
means there is no central authority, power is shared amongst users. This also implies that it is not
regulated by the government or a bank. Every transaction that occurs on the cryptocurrency space
is recorded to avoid duplication and other kinds of financial crime. The record is taken using
blockchain technology which acts like a digital ledger, and then shared across the space.
Cryptocurrency has been termed the safest digital currency by many and this is because of its use
of a system known as cryptography. It is a technique used in making important data inaccessible
to unauthorized parties. Just like the traditional money is in variations e.g., dollars, euros, naira
etc. so also is cryptocurrency. The trending currencies include the pioneer currency, bitcoin,
founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, ethereum which is second to bitcoin in the cryptocurrency
market, it was created by Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood in 2015. Other currencies include
dogecoin, tron, litecoin, solana etc. These currencies are kept in digital wallets.
There is money to be made in cryptocurrency and there are various ways to achieve this. Investing
is a long run strategy. Identifying and purchasing currencies that will stay a while is the key to
succeeding in this strategy. Trading is another money-making route in the crypto world. This
works best on a short-term basis and it demands acquaintance with the market charts. Interest can
be generated by lending coins which is an additional way to make money. There are numerous
paths to explore in the generation of income via cryptocurrency and lucky for us Crypto Genius is
here to guide us. Crypto Genius is a crypto community well versed in the knowledge of crypto
with over twenty-five thousand members [25,000] they share the latest news in the crypto community and
most importantly they hold masterclasses wherein they teach cryptocurrency. The best part is, IT
IS FREE. In this class we will learn how to trade in cryptocurrency, how to store cryptocurrency,
the suitable cryptocurrency to invest in and so much more.

The benefits that cryptocurrency brings are endless; remote jobs (we can now quit our awful jobs)
transparency, security, transferability, a new and better medium of exchange, currency benefits;
some digital currencies give rewards to their users for owning them etc but the ultimate benefit is
soft life. So, here is a chance to begin the journey to soft life by joining Crypto Genius masterclass.

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